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hello, friends, people i’ve known for a whole bunch of time

this is probably going to be the last post you’ll get from me (on here anyway) it’s been nice while i’ve had this blog for years on years but I really just feel like i’ve outstayed my welcome

I don’t use this blog like I used to and I think it’s really just time to let my little tumblr go. so i’m leaving, and I doubt that i’ll come back

iI have too many memories on this blog to delete it for good so it’ll still be up (even if I won’t ever use it) and if anyone wants to stay in touch, now would be a good time to send me an ask so that we can exchange twitters or skypes or whatever the cool kids are using nowadays

so with that, I say goodbye, peace out, cya and such, nice knowing ya tumblr,

xoxo Jasmo

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"If we’re polite, people won’t remember us. We have to leave a deep first impression. We have to be rude."

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Jurassic Park 4 budget got cut

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This dog is more talented that I am.


There is no way I can not reblog that :D

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